New Work | 04.17.2017 The South Terminal

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CLIENT: Lonestar Airport Holdings LLC
MEDIUM: Logo and Identity suite, responsive website with custom CMS:
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Branding and website for The South Terminal at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Branding for Austin South Airport Terminal by Five and Four

Being in the design field, you have to accept that the work you do is mostly ephemeral.  Websites get updated, products disappear from the market, businesses close up shop and your work disappears with them.  It’s a part of the job you have to accept, although it always hurts a little.  So you have to understand that for me, this job is one of the most thrilling projects I’ve ever had the good fortune to be a part of.  The South Terminal at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport opened to passengers last Thursday, and I was there for it, grinning like an idiot, over the moon to see my work not only displayed but integrated throughout what I hope will remain a fixture of Austin’s infrastructure for decades to come.

I never expected to get this job.  I was asked to submit a proposal, but I knew I was bidding against much bigger agencies, many out of NYC, and while I assumed it was a lost cause, I wanted it so badly that I put a lot of time into the proposal, describing an aesthetic for the look and feel that hearkened back to mid-century design and the golden age of travel.  Little did I know that that was already the look and feel for the renovation.  The South Terminal at ABIA is very small.  It’s designed so that you exit the gate and walk out on the tarmac to board your flight.  It’s very Mad Men, or Catch Me if You Can.  And that’s exactly what I described in my proposal.  A lucky case of kismet to be sure, because it landed me the job.  And after that, it really was a breeze as projects go.  Rarely are you so in sync with a client from the get go.  In this case, even before the get go.  And now that’s ended, I can’t wait to visit again, but this time as a passenger, for years and years to come.

Find out more about the Austin’s South Terminal at ABIA and see the website we designed for them here: and you can read a write up by Wayne Allen Brenner for the Austin Chronicle of this work too! Very cool to be recognized for it. <3


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New Work | 03.05.2017 2017 Texas Film Awards

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CLIENT: Austin Film Society (a collaboration with Arts + Labor)
MEDIUM: Print, interactive, motion graphics
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The look and feel for a black tie gala, including all branding elements, advertising, web graphics and print collateral

Branding for the Texas Film Awards by Five and Four

For the second year in a row, I have had the honor of working with Arts + Labor and Austin Film Society to art-direct the Texas Film Awards.  This is the biggest night of the year for Austin film.  The gala raises funds that are used for Austin Film Society’s filmmaking grants, programming, and educational efforts for the next year.  The ceremony also inducts industry icons into the Texas Film Hall of Fame.

On a personal level, this is my favorite job of the year.  I feel very grateful that sometimes my work in film and design overlaps.  This is the biggest example of that happening. At last year’s event, Carol Burnett was inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame, and seeing her on the red carpet next to the logo I designed was one of the all time high points of my career.

The theme this year references pre-war cinema:  Anti-Heroes,
Femme Fatales, Futurist constructions,  The Dream of Cinema.  It’s a special year in that AFS is opening a two-screen art house cinema in 2017.  This was announced from the stage last year by Richard Linklater during the awards, and now it’s happening.  There is a really cool fundraising campaign to fund the Best Little Arthouse in Texas.  Give if you can.  You could get free popcorn for a year!

Since my friend and photographer ladyboss, Lauren Reynolds Logan, was there too, I couldn’t help but ask to get a pic myself on the red carpet.  It was all I could do to not grin like a maniac.   I hope I’ll see you there this year.   The honorees have just been announced, and  I am SO EXCITED.

UPDATED: Red carpet images from 2017.


Photo of Jennymarie Jemison at the Texas Film Awards

Jennymarie Jemison Texas Film Awards 2017

Michael Shannon Texas Film Awards 2017



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New Work | 12.07.2016 Graham Reynolds Website

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CLIENT: Graham Reynolds
MEDIUM: Responsive Website Redesign; WordPress back-end; hand-drawn logo
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Redesign of Graham Reynold's website, which needed to to serve as a hub for all his social media feeds, tour dates, new material releases, and all the many many projects he is working on at any given time.

Website for Graham Reynolds designed by Five and Four

Is there an artist more important to Austin than Graham Reynolds?  Only Richard Linklater ranks up there in my book.  The way I measure their importance is not just the impact their work has on the city, but also the others they lift up with them.  As one of my heroes, Ava DuVernay, says “If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.”   Graham is generous with his talents, and his talents are generous. He is a composer, a band-leader, and plays a multitude of instruments.  He likes destroying them.  Designing his website was an honor.

Graham had very specific ideas about how the site should function.  He recommended a flow similar to a news or sports page, which makes a lot of sense as it needed to be a hub for all his social media feeds, and all the wide ranging work he creates for film, theatre, television, and dance.  He loves the work of Saul Bass, whose influence you can see on every page in the shapes we created and the typography throughout. We needed news items and tour dates to be easily accessed.  We also needed to make it function as a press kit and media inquiry delivery system, and with all that going on, it needed to be cool.  He didn’t tell me that.  But he’s so cool, if his site wasn’t cool, I would consider myself an abject failure.  Thankfully, I think we succeeded.

This site was one of my last projects of 2016.  This year has been so hard in so many ways, but I have been so very lucky to have such incredible clients.  I want to thank all of you for trusting me with your business which, like this one, is sometimes an extension of yourself.  It humbles me, and I will always be grateful.

See the whole site here:

Design element for Graham Reynolds Website




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Austin | 06.23.2016 Salvage Vanguard Theater: Poster Design

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CLIENT: Doctuh Mistuh Productions, Trouble Puppet Theatre Company, Glass Half Full Theatre, Physical Plant Theatre
MEDIUM: Posters and marketing collateral
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Posters for various productions performed at Salvage Vanguard Theatre

If you are an actor that does theatre in Austin, you’ve probably performed at Salvage Vanguard Theatre.  The old warehouse space on Manor Road has been producing and hosting shows since 2006.  Austin treasure and frequent champion of art and artists, Wayne Alan Brenner, wrote a love letter in this week’s Austin Chronicle to the space that is losing its lease, like so many other beloved Austin cultural institutions, at the end of the month.

Austin Chronicle Cover

I got caught in a mess of feelings this morning reading it.  So many important moments happened there, including one of the best nights of my life.   Brenner was sweet enough to mention me in the article, which speaks more to his generosity than to my contributions at the theater, but I have posted a series of some of my favorite posters I did for different companies that performed in the space, and I spent all day looking at old photos of performances there and getting all misty-eyed.  Thank you for everything, SVT.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Brenner Quote on Jennymarie Jemison

Salvage Vanguard Theatre on SVT


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New Work | 06.01.2016 Wine Label Design Contest Best in Show 2016, Austin & San Antonio

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CLIENT: self-promotion
MEDIUM: print
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Wine Label design for Clampitt Paper Company



I don’t usually enter design contests.  I actually can’t remember ever entering one, other than the Arkansas state fair art contests I used to enter my paintings in as a child.  Mostly they were paintings of ducks.  I was weird.

So it took a little encouraging from Jessica, my enthusiastic rep at Clampitt Paper, to convince me to enter their wine label design contest.   “C’mon, you could win a trip for two to Sonoma, California!  Your label would be printed on 600 bottles of wine!”  I think before the second sentence I had started day-dreaming about it.   So, I spent a little time re-purposing a design that had only been used on a wedding invitation suite which I was always very sad had the misfortune to be coupled with royal purple.  I called it “Kiss Register Red,” which is an inside joke about color printing, describing when areas of color that touch without any overlap on the edges. Assumes perfect registration. – a kiss.  But it also sounds romantic. RIGHT? I WAS GONNA WIN THIS THING!

The harder job was trying to find a way to print it on black paper.   That actually turned out to be the big prize in all this effort, because, spoiler alert, I didn’t win the trip to Sonoma.  The label did get Best in Show in the Austin and San Antonio contest, but lost ultimately in Dallas last weekend at a lovely event on White Rock Lake.

But back to the printing!  Thanks again to Jessica, I discovered the HP Indigo 5500  press at Capital Printing, which can print white ink, and had the  greatest experience with the folks there.  The company president, Brad, gave me a tour, and took a personal interest in my little project.  Zack, in production, explained they could print a few passes of white ink under my design which would allow me to print the gold and silver on top.  This may not seem like a big deal, but believe me, it IS.  So many cost-reducing, production possibilities for my clients! Plus, Brad basically gave me faith in humans again.  They even donated their work, as they are very supportive of Austin artists.  So, I just want to thank them here, for all they did for me.  Even though ultimately, I should have maybe stuck to ducks.  I did always win at the state fair.

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New Work | 05.20.2016 Lauren Reynolds Photography

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CLIENT: Lauren Reynolds Photography
MEDIUM: Print / Web graphics
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Rebranding effort for Lauren Reynolds Photography, featuring a hand drawn mascot pair of monk parakeets. Logo plus identity materials and media kit

Lauren Reynolds Photography Branding by Five and Four

When hiring a photographer for a wedding or special event, potential clients are going to primarily look at their work to make their decision. Ladyboss Lauren Reynold’s  photos speak for themselves in that regard. In redoing the Lauren Reynolds Photography brand, I wanted to emphasize her personality and style. Before we were friends, I was her client.  Hiring her was one of the best decisions I made in planning my wedding.  But more to the point,  I knew that her potential clients are evaluating, like I had, even if not consciously: Do I like this person? Do I think this person gets us? Do I like their style? Is there a sense of fun about them that will translate to our photos?  The goal with this re-branding attempt was to elevate the look and feel of Lauren Reynolds Photography into a sophisticated and clean system of collateral and correspondence that also delivered on the personality front.

Lauren also told me that a large percentage of her clients hired her for out-of-town or destination weddings, and she would love to have more local Austin clients, so she wouldn’t have to travel as much. To tie her more to Austin, we created a secondary logomark based off the wild monk parrots found here. When you see a green parrot on a power line or somewhere you wouldn’t expect, it never fails to delight. They are truly something special and romantic about this city.  We depicted two of them together, lovebird style, reflecting the couples that Lauren photographs.

The main logotype is a clean, sans-serif, with the supporting initial mark based on Lauren’s own hand writing. The birds were drawn with markers and then digitized, for a very casual, sweet and unpretentious look and feel. The collateral uses fresh, minimal typography and color blocking, which really helps Lauren’s photos shine.  I really love the result.


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New Work | 03.29.2016 Alkemy Brewlab Branding and Label Design

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CLIENT: Alkemy Brewlab
MEDIUM: Branding and Label Design, all photos courtesy of Alkemy BrewLab
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Logo Design and outer and inner label design for 32 oz and 16 oz chai tea concentrate

Packaging Design for Alkemy Brewlab by Five and Four

In Greenpoint Brooklyn, a mom and pop coffee shop, Crema BK, is quietly perfecting chai. The husband and wife team approached their recipe scientifically, experimenting with measurements, ingredients, and brewing techniques until finally arriving at something that finally met their very high standards.   They then figured out how to prepare a concentrated version, so that their customers could buy a bottle to take with them and prepare at home.  It was a hit.  The obvious next step was to figure out how to do it on a larger scale.  Thus, Alkemy Brewlab was born.  The name is a nod to all their exacting scientific methods that led to that perfect recipe, not too spicy, not too sweet.

Referrals are my favorite way to come by new clients.  And this client came by way of Earlybird Granola, which was sold at their shop, which led them to ask, who did this packaging?  Which led them to me.  A pretty sweet story, if I do say so myself.


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