New Work | 09.01.2017 Dancers Shape Rebrand

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CLIENT: Dancers Shape
MEDIUM: Branding, marketing collateral, web design, social media graphics
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Rebranding of Dancers Shape, a local fitness studio focused on barre, pilates, yoga, and spin.

I’ve been in Austin for 11 years today!  I really love this town and I love all the work I’ve been able to do for countless small businesses in this community.  A lot of them I only became a patron of after I started working with them. Sometimes, they didn’t exist prior to our work together, or I didn’t know of them or their product. But when Ladyboss Jennifer McCamish cold-called me needing graphic design, and started describing her fitness studio, I already knew all about it.  I’d been in a class there that same morning.  I love love love Dancers Shape.  It makes me almost believe that I too could have a dancer’s body if I just do enough butt lifts.  All of the instructors are dancers, and the studio is welcoming and full of music and positive energy.

Originally,  Jennifer just wanted a slight tweaking of her original logo just to add their new offering – spin classes – in advance of the opening of their new second location.  I advocated for a complete re-brand. Knowing her studio the way I did, I made the case for a new look that represented something more modern, lighter, more fun, more dynamic.  She was opening a second studio six years after the original opened, these publicity opportunities don’t come around every day.  Thankfully, I convinced her, and the result is a dramatic refresh, full of color and versatility. It’s so much fun. I took my cues from how the signage for the original studio looks lit up a night.  I took those neon colors and softened them a bit, but the result is very endless summer, hopefully inspiring those in search of that bikini body to come in for a class.

Jennifer was already in the process of updating the company website, so I also consulted on the project, designing the new look and feel that her team development implemented.




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