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CLIENT: Five & Four Productions
MENIUM: Film & Marketing Collateral, Website

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Today my short film, The Quiet Girl's Guide to Violence, became the very first narrative short to premiere on Steam.  Steam is a platform and marketplace for games, so this is something rather special indeed.  I have to thank our distributor, Devolver Digital, for this partnership.  If you'd like to see the film, I think it costs less than a dollar to buy it through June 22nd.  It is not for kids.  Or for the easily offended.  I have a bit of a dark sense of humor, and actually, you may be frightened of me after watching. I am more…

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CLIENT: Arts+Labor
MENIUM: Poster Design

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Doug Sahm is a Texas legend.  As influential, if not as famous, as Willie Nelson, Doug remains beloved by those who knew him and knew his music.  I was not really one of those people initially.  I knew of the Texas Tornados, but didn't know how important he was to the history of not just Texas music, but music in general, until I was asked to art direct this excellent documentary about his life and legend by Arts+Labor. I also got to create the poster for our premiere at SxSW.  Doug passed away in the late '90s, but I wanted…

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