Shop Five and Four | 07.13.2018 Online Shop Fundraiser Launch

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CLIENT: Five and Four Shop
MEDIUM: Silk-screened tees and baby onesies
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Five and Four online store launches as a fundraiser for family reunification efforts.

The day of the Families Belong Together march, I posted this original,  hand-lettered map of the US to Instagram, and friends immediately started asking if it was available as a t-shirt.  I’ve never had an online shop before, but that interest led to a scramble to get one up quickly to use a fundraiser to help support the efforts of those working so hard to unite the families affected by the brutal, and completely un-American zero-tolerance policy that has led to children being separated from their parents and other horrors.  It took a little longer to get it all figured out and to source the softest, best-fitting t-shirts, but (unfortunately) the fundraising need is as urgent as ever.

So today, I am proud to announce that the shop is open, and that ALL of the profits from these sales will be donated to RAICES Texas and to the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights.

The color of the shirt is white, as the organizers of the Families Belong Together march asked protestors to wear the color as a “striking visual symbol that will also connect attendees in solidarity to each-other and channel historic social justice movements unified by one color of clothing.”  It will be printed here in Austin. I am launching this as a pre-sale so that I can make sure no money is wasted in unnecessary inventory and more profits will be then able to be generated.  That means fulfillment won’t begin until the first week of August, and shipping probably will start mid-month.

I know this is just a small effort, but I am proud to do whatever I can to help those that are doing so much.  We won’t stop until every child is reunited and free. Please buy a shirt or two if you can, and share this campaign with your friends and family.  This campaign will be a good indicator of how much good we can do in the future.  Please support and share! – JMJ

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