New Work | 05.20.2016 Lauren Reynolds Photography

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CLIENT: Lauren Reynolds Photography
MEDIUM: Print / Web graphics
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Rebranding effort for Lauren Reynolds Photography, featuring a hand drawn mascot pair of monk parakeets. Logo plus identity materials and media kit

Lauren Reynolds Photography Branding by Five and Four

When hiring a photographer for a wedding or special event, potential clients are going to primarily look at their work to make their decision. Ladyboss Lauren Reynold’s  photos speak for themselves in that regard. In redoing the Lauren Reynolds Photography brand, I wanted to emphasize her personality and style. Before we were friends, I was her client.  Hiring her was one of the best decisions I made in planning my wedding.  But more to the point,  I knew that her potential clients are evaluating, like I had, even if not consciously: Do I like this person? Do I think this person gets us? Do I like their style? Is there a sense of fun about them that will translate to our photos?  The goal with this re-branding attempt was to elevate the look and feel of Lauren Reynolds Photography into a sophisticated and clean system of collateral and correspondence that also delivered on the personality front.

Lauren also told me that a large percentage of her clients hired her for out-of-town or destination weddings, and she would love to have more local Austin clients, so she wouldn’t have to travel as much. To tie her more to Austin, we created a secondary logomark based off the wild monk parrots found here. When you see a green parrot on a power line or somewhere you wouldn’t expect, it never fails to delight. They are truly something special and romantic about this city.  We depicted two of them together, lovebird style, reflecting the couples that Lauren photographs.

The main logotype is a clean, sans-serif, with the supporting initial mark based on Lauren’s own hand writing. The birds were drawn with markers and then digitized, for a very casual, sweet and unpretentious look and feel. The collateral uses fresh, minimal typography and color blocking, which really helps Lauren’s photos shine.  I really love the result.


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