Rebecca Layton

CLIENT: Rebecca Layton

THE WORK: Letterpress hangtags & Identity Materials, Design support

When I am in Rebecca’s studio, surrounded by her beautiful textiles, I sink into a gauzy bubble of delight that is hard to leave.  The co-founder of Rekh&Datta, a textile company that produces “slow-made” small batch cotton clothing  and home goods block printed in India, Rebecca works harder than anyone I know.  Launching any new business is difficult, but the tremendous effort required to bring an ethically sourced, hand-printed and hand-made luxury line to market is more than most could handle.  I respect Rebecca as both an incredible artist, and as a business woman determined to realize her dream.  I will be there to help her as long as she needs me.  (And probably long after, twirling a Rekh&Datta scarf into the sunset.)

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