Erin McKenna

CLIENT: Erin McKenna

THE WORK: Branding for Babycakes NYC, Cookbook illustrations

Erin was one of my very first Ladybosses. Now that she has bakeries in NYC, LA, and Disney, it’s almost hard to remember that she and I once conspired about how to make her vegan bakery happen.  We whispered over a bottle of wine at a little table at the Dumont in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She told me about her big family and love of baking. She wanted to create a place where parents could get beautiful and delicious baked goods for their children with allergies.   I designed the original logo for the lower east side bakery and subsequent cookbooks. Now Erin McKenna’s Bakery is the brand umbrella for this ladyboss that keeps her sweet empire growing, creating dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, gluten-free & agave-sweetened cakes & cookies.

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