Bridget McKenna

CLIENT: Bridget McKenna, Briddie's Floret

THE WORK: Branding

My favorite new clients are referrals from favorite old clients.  Bridget McKenna certainly fits that description. She is the sister to one of my OG ladybosses, Erin McKenna, and I discovered while talking to her, that almost everyone in their family owns their own business, and they have an enormous family.  She opened her flower shop in San Diego after nine years of being a stay-at-home mom.  Her love of flowers was constant, and she loved doing arrangements for her friends and family’s special occasions, but when she saw an old florist location with a For Sale sign out front, something sparked in her, and Briddie’s Floret was born.  To fit the decadent, bohemian vibe, the logo was hand-painted and then digitized.  We also did a semi-scandalous custom illustration for her flower paper, featuring scantily clad Ziegfeld Follies girls.  Dream project from start to finish.

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