Beth Burns

CLIENT: Beth Burns

THE WORK: Branding & Website for The Hidden Room Theatre Company, Logos and Posters for Theatrical Productions, Letterpress business cards

One of my favorite people in this life and the artistic director of the celebrated  Hidden Room, Beth Burns introduced Austin to Original Practices – that is, plays staged the way they were presented in Shakespeare’s day, with period costumes and music, and often casts composed entirely of men.  Our first big collaboration was her website, where her aesthetic arrived fully formed: mysterious, beautiful, dark, an online curiosity shop.  All I had to do was bring that vision to life, which has been my continuing pleasure.  Recently, The Hidden Room took their production of  ‘puppet Hamlet’ to the Globe Theater.  That’s right, a Texan theatre company performing Shakespeare for Brits in Shakespeare’s house.  If that’s not some Ladyboss triumph I don’t know what is.

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