Yoga With Adriene Logo

Full disclosure: Adriene is one of my best friends. She was in my wedding party. And I used to trade design work for free yoga classes. But that was before she became YouTube’s most popular yoga teacher, and Yoga With Adriene became the most googled yoga content on the web. She is a bonified star now. People cry when they meet her for the first time. It’s a little funny and surreal to witness, but the way she achieved this fame was simple though not easy– Hard work and a welcoming approach to yoga. Her Find What Feels Good method, focuses on the journey not on the perfect result. Her logomark needed to feel as unpretentious, welcoming and down-to-earth as she is. For her Find What Feels Good logotype, I brought in lettering badass Lauren Hom to nail the joyful vibe.

Check out Adriene’s free yoga videos here. She just may change your life.