Work Muse Branding

Work Muse is a “flexible work consulting firm specializing in driving adoption of job sharing in business while helping individuals find work-life balance.”  I’d never heard of job-sharing before but quickly saw its value.  Typically two people share one job, each working three days a week, one overlapping with their partner.  They divide the work based on their strengths and become basically, a super worker.  Studies show that they actually do the work of three people, a win-win for employers and for workers that appreciate the extra time for family or other priorities.   The logo needed to communicate that balance.  The W and M here mimic workers that literally have each others back.  The honeycomb shape hearkens to what the power of teamwork can build.  The sunny yellow and looped logomark references ideas and brilliance, like the filaments in a light bulb.  The pattern created can be used on job-sharing teaching materials in the workshops led by brilliant Ladyboss Work Muse founder, Melissa Nicholson.