Early Bird Foods Packaging

First of all, know this, you will never taste any granola better than Early Bird.  It is so good. It is so good that I want it right now.  Nekisia Davis is one of my very first (earliest?) Ladybosses and I could not be more proud to have created the packaging for her delicious granola line.  This project was actually a redesign of the original packaging. Neki wanted to preserve elements of the original logo and the feeling of that old time grandma goodness, but to make it more bright and fresh.  We crafted cheerful patterns that relate to the name or the flavor of the particular bag, and retained the original bird from the old packaging but used a bold modern logotype treatment to break from the old-fashioned feel.  New and familiar, modern and retro all at once, they definitely stand out on the shelf.

You can find out more and buy all the flavors online here: https://www.earlybirdfoods.com/