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CLIENT: Doctuh Mistuh Productions, Trouble Puppet Theatre Company, Glass Half Full Theatre, Physical Plant Theatre
MENIUM: Posters and marketing collateral

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: If you are an actor that does theatre in Austin, you've probably performed at Salvage Vanguard Theatre.  The old warehouse space on Manor Road has been producing and hosting shows since 2006.  Austin treasure and frequent champion of art and artists, Wayne Alan Brenner, wrote a love letter in this week's Austin Chronicle to the space that is losing its lease, like so many other beloved Austin cultural institutions, at the end of the month. I got caught in a mess of feelings this morning reading it.  So many important moments happened there, including one of the best nights of…

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CLIENT: The Hidden Room Theatre
MENIUM: Poster Print Design

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: "Transportive," "Sumptuous," and "Impeccable."  Those are some of the words critics used to describe The Hidden Room's staging of the Ludham Tate-revised working of the tragedy, which has a much happier ending than Shakespeare's version.  The show was one of the most celebrated productions of the the Austin Theatre 2015 season, and I was told that Motorblade Postering Service had chosen the poster I made for it as their favorite of the year.   I guess they should know, as they pretty much put up every poster you see anywhere in town.   Check out the website we created for The Hidden…

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CLIENT: Arts+Labor
MENIUM: Poster Design

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Doug Sahm is a Texas legend.  As influential, if not as famous, as Willie Nelson, Doug remains beloved by those who knew him and knew his music.  I was not really one of those people initially.  I knew of the Texas Tornados, but didn't know how important he was to the history of not just Texas music, but music in general, until I was asked to art direct this excellent documentary about his life and legend by Arts+Labor. I also got to create the poster for our premiere at SxSW.  Doug passed away in the late '90s, but I wanted…

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