Each project is unique at Five & Four. Each client has different needs. Some require design, production, and project management. Some require strategy, copywriting, or web development. Working in this fashion since 2008, Jennymarie has assembled a core group of tried-and-true talent, but with more hands capably on deck, the more clients we can serve. To that end, Five and Four is always looking to add to the talent pool. Reliability, attention to detail, and professionalism is highly valued. All projects are contractual. Freelancers looking for steady, yet not full-time employment, are perfect candidates. If you are a strategist or copywriter working with a client, consider Five and Four to round out your team. If your position is something not specifically requested below, but you are attracted to this working arrangement and feel you have a skill set that may be helpful, feel free to get in touch. New work comes in every day. And we’ll only continue to grow, and are always looking for the perfect team to move onward and upward. You don’t have to live in Austin, although it is a super bonus.


JOB TITLE: Project Manager

Are you an organized, professional and personable project manager with experience working on creative projects? Are schedules and timelines your friend? I need someone to be the rock of any project. Keeping clients happy and informed, while also keeping the team on track. I value a project manager that wants to understand strategy and will help shepherd the work to meet the creative goals, not just the deadlines. An understanding of web development would be a great attribute, but is not required. This is a position that could start small, with one project, and grow. So if you have limited availability, but could still be accountable and attentive to email and phone calls, feel free to submit for this position.

JOB TITLE: Graphic Designer

I am always looking for graphic designers that I can depend on. I art direct, and usually design at least some aspect of every job, but I frequently rely on clutch designers when there is a specific skill set required or there is a lot of different pieces to create for a client. If you are looking for more freelance opportunities, get in touch with me. Tell me your interests and strengths. What do you love to create? Do you love hand-lettering? Are you an illustrator? Could you make icons for days and be happy? I am specifically looking to hire talented designers with experience designing for the mobile-first web experiences.

All photos and work are attributed to Five and Four unless otherwise noted. Please give credit if used elsewhere.